Microsoft wants you to pay $15 for DVD playback in Windows 10

Keep your logins locked down with our favorite apps for PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, and web browsers. Apple’s laptops are expensive, and you’ll have to make some hard choices to pick the right one. If your phone lacks this feature, consider a third-party app like Screen Master. CTRL Shift S no longer works correctly on my windows 11.

Being able to grab those moments directly from your screen and save them as image files is one of the game-changers of the modern computer age. When you first open the ShareX app, you’ll see multiple options to take the screenshot on Windows 10. For instance, if you’re looking to screen clip an active Windows, you can press Alt + Print Screen. It has other such shortcuts for taking a screenshot, as you can see from the image above. After hitting the Windows Key + Shift + S combo, you get to choose from different types of screenshot procedures, such as Fullscreen snip, Window snip, Freedom snip, or Rectangular snip. Note that when you’ve successfully captured a specific area, your screen clip will be stored on the clipboard, just as in the Prt Scr method.

The best part about Snap Groups is howKensington docking stationswere tested to ensure compatibility. All the docks from Kensington that support Windows 7 and above work with Windows 11. This includes over 30 SKUs, or 80 global variations, of Kensington’s best docking stations. When you open a window there’s always an option in the top right corner for configuring that particular window. Click on the square near the X and select your desired layout from among all the available options. Windows officially launched the latest version of their OS on October 5, 2021, and the hype around Windows 11 has created buzz unmatched by any other Windows OS since Windows 7.

All in all, it’s an awesome DVD player for Windows 10 and it’s regularly updated, unlike many media players out there. In addition to playing DVD and Blu-ray discs you can also use PowerDVD 19 to download videos, 360° VR videos, audio or image files and stream videos from PowerDVD to your television set. This iconic media player offers HDR support and it is True Theater technology enhances the colors in videos you play with it. However, if you would like to watch 8K or HDR content with PowerDVD 19 you must purchase its Ultra version. PowerDVD is arguably the best DVD player for Windows ever created, and it is no surprise that its latest version offers a wide range of audio and video playback options. PowerDVD 19 is available in Standard, Pro and Ultra versions that are all differently priced and provide different video and audio playback features.

Option 3: Capture Screenshots via Snipping Tool

External USB DVD drives can be picked up for around $10 and usually come with rewriters as well if you fancy it. PotPlayer is the best option if you’re looking for a DVD player for all Windows. Otherwise, you can try installing the free DVD players for your Windows 10.

  • It will automatically reach the users devices via Windows Update in the coming months and a wider rollout is expected in early 2022 as the company has done in the past.
  • One can take the screenshot download here of Full Screen, the current Application, Window, or a particular region.
  • If everything is working normally, you see the message “This device is working properly” in the Device status box.
  • The new OS also adds APIs for programming assistive apps, and even the Windows Subsystem for Linux now has accessibility options.

HP recommends that you install PC Health Check from Microsoft to determine if your specific computer is eligible. Devices that do not meet the minimum system requirements will remain on Windows 10 and continue to be supported with security updates. Apps can now be pinned into folders and it is possible to see either more apps or stick with the recommendation view. The short answer is yes, Windows 11 needs TPM 2.0 if you want to run a supported version of the operating system. There is a way to get Windows 11 without TPM 2.0 if you’re comfortable running it in an unsupported mode – which might miss out on some security and feature updates. Alternatively, you will be able to manually install an ISO file, but this is fiddly to set up and leaves you with an unsupported version that might miss out on core and security updates.

Latest Windows release version:

Reproduction in whole or in part is strictly prohibited. With the sands of time, DVDs might become obsolete whether for the good or bad, don’t know. Yet, till the time you can enjoy DVDs, you should do it with complete perfection. With the above players, you won’t have any issues in streaming your DVDs with the utmost ease.

Windows 11 on Tablets

After taking a screenshot, sometimes you may need to crop the image or annotate to highlight an issue or step. You can do this by holding your Windows Logo button given at the bottom of your screen and the volume down button on the side of the device. Your screenshot will be saved to the Pictures/Screenshots folder. Click on the “Save” button to save your keyboard shortcut. The screen capture shortcut can be changed by entering the global hotkey below the Capture button.

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